About Us

QSystems Ltd. was founded in 2001 by team of IT specialists with core experience in financial and payment solutions. In 2009 QSystems Ltd. was incorporated in UK company QSystems Global.

QSystems Global Ltd. Is the resident of London Google Campus. Main specialization of our company is: independent software vendor and processing services provider for financial market: payments and remittances.


For payment operators are offered the following products/services:

  • Factura.md – commercial payments integration center, which provides via unified interface access to >80 of billers.
  • QSG.Payments – software for payments collection on payment’s operator side.

For government are offered the following solutions:

  • MPay – unified government payments processing center
  • Etrafic - mobile application used for notification of speeding and traffic violations that provides simplified penalty payment facilities.
  • SymeTB - solution for doctors that evidences and tracks patients with tuberculosis.
  • PAS portal - national health portal, which interconnects doctors, patients and health care institutions.

Money transfer systems can leverage from the following solutions:

  • QSG.Hub – which provides money transfer system with the unified access to >60 banks from CIS and EEA and offers inter-systems transfers options.
    Also QSG.Hub offers money transfer platform facilities and allows easily start new money transfer service from scratch.
  • QSG.Chinese name transliterator - an innovative solution, which allows conversion of Chinese names, written using English letters into Chinese symbols.
  • Transfers to China - New money transfers channel to China via Industrial Commercial Bank of China.

For end customers are offered innovative solutions for simplified money transfer (Tango, T2A) and payment processes (factura mobile).

  • QSystems.AirTickets - is an online air tickets booking system enabling consumers to book direct.
  • B2B Portal - web based travel agent’s solution that automates the tickets booking and selling process.


73/1 Stefan cel Mare str.
Chisinau, MD-2001
Republic of Moldova
Tel: 022 838 425
Fax: 022 839 989
Email: office@qsystems.md